About our Festival

Held in northeast Victoria’s High Country region every March Labour Day, our Festival is 5 days of fun, food, fine arts, live music, and lots more FREE things to do & see – for the whole family!

Our Festival has a long history – starting in 1961 as the Tobacco & Hops Festival. After more than half a century, it’s one of Victoria’s oldest rural community festivals!

What’s in a Name?
Things change with time, including names. In 1981, our Festival became known as the Tobacco, Hops & Timber Festival to acknowledge the growing importance of the region’s forestry & timber industry. Things were happening!

A final name change happened in 2008, bringing us to the current Myrtleford Festival. This new name reflected the Festival’s shift over time from being a harvest-celebration to a broader, community-focused affair. It shows the pride we have for our amazing home district, and gives everyone some ownership of their Festival.

The basics – what goes into a Festival
Every year, our Festival gives the community an opportunity to get together, have fun and relax over the Victorian Labour Day long weekend.
The core events that form the foundation of each Festival:

  • Festival Ball & Festival Queen challenge
  • Local Food Stalls
  • Festival Markets – everything from socks to arts and crafts
  • Nevin Lenne Gross Gala Parade
  • Festival Dots campaign

The Festival is then filled up with dozens of events & activities organised by various community groups, clubs & businesses, and held throughout Myrtleford & the district.

Our Program includes art & craft exhibitions, sporting events, guided walks, industry open days and much more. You can even get buzzed on a helicopter flight over our town!

The Myrtleford Festival Parade
The Myrtleford Festival Parade
The Myrtleford Festival Street Party
The Myrtleford Festival Princesses

Planning the Festival

Surprisingly, this huge, fun Festival is planned by just 9 volunteer Committee members, aided by varying numbers of helpers who assist with specific jobs.

This group organises most of the core events, raises funds, arranges advertising and publicity (including this website plus a Facebook page & Instagram account) and coordinates external event organisers.
We’re a not-for-profit Association, and our committee has featured many of our town’s most well-known names.

How do we do it?

The Jobs
The Committee & Festival members fill these roles & tasks:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Fundraising
  • Volunteers
  • Promotions
  • Multimedia Guru
  • Social Media
  • Assets
  • Market Coordinator
  • Art Prize
  • Gala Parade
  • Entertainment
  • External Events

All of these jobs have been simplified, to make it easy to perform them & simple for new members to take them on. This has also made it possible for members to fill more than one role at the same time. Simples!

Want to help?

Just click HERE to send us an email, and we’ll get right back in touch with you.

Paying for the good times

Each Festival takes a lot of human energy and money to stage. Most of the events you’ll enjoy at our Festival are free – so where does the money come from?

The Festival committee puts a lot of work into building relations with businesses, government groups and individuals in Myrtleford & beyond. We’re very lucky to enjoy incredible generosity from all these partners, as they donate cash, products, services and people power to help ensure that the show goes on. You can find out more about our sponsors and donors by visiting our Sponsors page.

You can make a donation too!!

And we’ll love you forever! Not all contributions are big – even $50 goes a long way. If you want to kick in, you can click HERE to make an online donation.
Or Contact Us if you prefer to pay another way, or donate products or services.


have FUN at our Festival, next Labour Day long weekend!