Nevin Lenne Gross Gala Parade

The Myrtleford Festival Nevin Lenne Gross Gala Parade

A favourite event during the Festival is the annual Gala Parade (to be also held on Sunday in 2020 once again kindly sponsored by Nevin Lenne Gross Barristers/Solicitors.

Colourful floats from local businesses, community groups, clubs and organisations will travel down the tree lined drive of the showgrounds and finish at a central location within the showgrounds where everyone will be able to take a closer look at the great work put into the floats by the community.  Of course, everyone gets to see our new Festival Queen and all the Princesses!

This year’s Parade theme: Back to the 60’s

To make things even more interesting & fun (and a bit easier for participants!), the Nevin Lenne Gross Gala Parade will use the 2020 Festival theme Recreation, covering all the recreational activities available in our stunning area

So in honour of the past, present and future, the entire 2020 Festival will have a special theme – Back to the 60’s Let’s celebrate all things, 60’s, what was happening in Myrtleford in the 1060’s, vintage retro, let your imagination go crazy…  Make it your own! This theme is intended to provide a focus for all the organisers of events that occur during the Festival long weekend. It’s not compulsory – just a helpful guide to creative thinking!

We’re hoping Myrtleford really gets behind the good intentions of this theme.

Using the theme in the Parade is optional and won’t necessarily increase an entrant’s chances of winning a prize.


OK – there will be prizes. These will be presented to winning entries in the categories of “Best Application of Parade Theme”, “Most Entertaining Entry” and “Most Imaginative Entry”.

See you at the Nevin Lenne Gross Gala Parade!

Want to enter the Parade?

Groups, organisations, businesses & individuals who would like to get involved in the Nevin Lenne Gross Gala Parade can download a Registration Form – click HERE, or send our Parade coordinator an EMAIL.

Once we receive your entry form, we’ll contact you with all the details about participating in this year’s Parade.

The Myrtleford Festival Nevin Lenne Gross Gala Parade


How about volunteering?
We’d LOVE to have you on the Parade Volunteers team. We need several adults who can perform simple Parade Marshaling duties from ~ 4.00 to 6.00pm on Festival Sunday. You’ll help Parade floats & participants get assembled at the assembly point, keep crowds off the route during the actual Parade, assist entrants as they get off the Parade route and generally have great FUN.
To get involved, email our Volunteer Coordinator. SIMPLE!